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Michelle Wake singing black and white

Michelle Wake is an American Independent Singer-Songwriter. Her music introduces ambient, soulful, vocal-led compositions supported by a range of instrumentation.

“Michigan” (2014) showcases ballads and piano-driven accompaniments utilizing the vibraphone, accordion, and soft percussion. “To Disappear” (2017) encompasses her time spent in NYC facing challenges of separation and seclusion within a chaotic environment. “To Disappear” is liken to a female-fronted Radio Head and treads Amy Winehouse territory.

Her newest EP, “Let Me Girl” released in 2020. You can find her on all social media platforms as Michelle Wake Music

Maciej Lewandowski
Michael Beck
Chris Peck
Maciej Lewandowski BASS black and white
Michael Beck Drummer and Producer
Chris Peck Guitarist extraordinaire
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